Chinese Imperial Dog Registry of America TM
The Breeders listed on this page are registered breeders with the CIDRA.  The dogs they have registered here have been
certified to be true Chinese Imperial Dogs as per the standard set by the parent clubIf a breeder is not listed on this page, they are not Certified Chinese Imperial Breeders registered with the CIDRA. 

This listing of breeders is provided solely as a service to the public.   The CIDRA does not recommend, guarantee, or endorse any breeder, their kennels, or their stock. The CIDRA offers no guarantee as to the health, parentage, registration, or value of the stock of any breeder on this list. The CIDRA is not liable for any transactions between a buyer and breeder, or for the accuracy of any information that may be provided by any of the breeders on this list.  An asking price by a breeder does not necessarily represent the actual value or quality of the animal being offered for sale.

It is the buyer's responsibility to educate himself before making any decisions when considering the purchase of a dog.  Before making any decisions to purchase, it is the buyer's sole responsibility to check and compare, registrations, stud agreements and health guarantees in order to better determine the quality or value of any animal advertised by the listed breeders, sellers and stud owners.   The buyer should ask for and understand any replacement or refund policies.  It is best to ask for a contract that clearly defines the responsibilities of both the breeder and the buyer, and which stipulates and defines accurately any guarantees. 

The CIDRA can not and will not intervene in financial disputes or settlements between private individuals  (or parties). The CIDRA has no jurisdictional control over the activities of any breeder and grievances can only be settled in a recognized Court of Law.  The CIDRA does reserve the right to control who may advertise on our web site and should any breeder receive too many substantiated complaints his privileges to advertise may be suspended.

Advertising on the Breeders Directory is available to certified CIDRA breeders in good standing only.

                                                                Registered Breeders
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Breeder's Name                  Kennel Name                       Web Site        E-mail               Phone            State
Dee Dee Scofield                    T-Cup-N-Up-Imperials                           website                email               928-530-7485       Arizona/Nevada
Sharon Heyborne                    Rompin' Lil' Imperials                            website                email                775-537-8764             Southern  Nevada

Denise VanHuysen                 Hug-A-Baby-Imperials                           website                email               602-350-4805              Arizona

Anne Wieben                   Baby Doll Imperials                                website                 email              208-419-8378              Idaho
Gina Ivy                                  Little Loves Imperials                             website                emali               360-303-9966              Washington

Laura Burns                    Tiny Imperial s                                       website                email               208-481-1497              Idaho

Tammi Lynch-Forrest            Le Leon Imperials                                   website                 email              602 348-6381              Arizona

Donna Corley                  Donna's Darling Imperials                     website                email                205-534-6691              Alabama
Lisa Chappel                          Chappel's Forever Loved                         website               email                810-672-9352

Wilma Marvin                        Stone Ridge Imperials                            website         email       931-589-5972      Tennessee

Lynn Fontaine                       Meadowlyn's Dream Imperials               website                email                775-577-9987              N.  Nevada

Kimberly Delano                    Beauty's  Imperials                                 website               email                (530) 798-0656     California
                     (408) 559-1307

Karen McAuley                      Shih Tzu Garden Imperials                    website               email                408-761-1235               California

Jeri Raymo                            Arizona Imperials                                    website               email               623-873-2474               Arizona

Rael Thomson                       Enchanted Mountian Imperials              website               email                435-232-1850               Utah

Debra Jenson                        Imperial Shih Tzu's by Jensen              website              email                 702-989-5398               Nevada

Phyllis VanHorn                    Tiny Toon Imperial's                               website               email                 707-459-5620               California

Deana Jordan                        Jordan's Little Jewels                                                         email      *        229-223-0114               Georgia

Jeri Patrick                           Lil' Paw's Imperials                                 website              email                  775-751-5458               Southern Nevada

Lisa Booth                              Alabama Southern Imp Shih Tzu           website               email                205-210-3131               Alabama

Jeanne Tucker                      Chinese Sleeve Dogs                             websiteemail(352) 317-1751          North Central Florida

Breeder's Directory Disclaimer
It has come to our attention that several breeders who do not have dogs registered with the CIDRA claim on their websites that their dogs are registered with the CIDRA.
If a breeder is not listed on this page, they are NOT Certified Chinese Imperial Breeders TM registered with the CIDRA. TM